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Partner Program

Make Genworth Financial Home Equity Access, Inc. (GFHEA) your trusted partner in reverse mortgages.

Consumers are seeking answers to retirement cash-flow issues, and financial professionals are being sought for reverse mortgage product information.

Seek to differentiate yourself from competitors who don’t offer reverse mortgage solutions or insight.

GFHEA is one of the nation’s largest reverse mortgage providers, working to educate financial professionals on the benefits of using a reverse mortgage to maximize a client’s retirement income and assets. Partner with a retirement and protection leader and we can provide you with a full range of educational materials, tools and support to help you maintain your standing as a sphere of influence and information for your clients.

Through the GFHEA program, you will have access to:

  • Easy-to-digest information on reverse mortgage products
  • Strategies to demonstrate the use of loans proceeds to maximize client benefit
  • Compliance safeguards and industry guidance

Learn more about reverse mortgage options – for you and your clients. Contact GFHEA at 866 751.2608 for further discussion and be on your way to building knowledge, success, and financial growth.

Also be sure to check out our helpful mobile app tool Reverse2Go.